Air Distribution Systems

The Zehnder Comfofresh air distribution system brings fresh air to all rooms and simultaneously removes extracted, moist or contaminated air and odors. Air is exchanged without drafts or bothersome noises, at the highest possible efficiency, thanks to cross-ventilating. The air volume can be individually adjusted. Fresh air flows through round ducts with smooth internal walls.

Below are some of the key components in the air distribution system. After requesting a quote online, Zehnder quotes the specific components needed for each project to optimize performance.


The Zehnder Venezia round diffuser cover option is 6.3″ in diameter. It is mounted to the TVA-2 Port Diffuser Box.

Air Distribution Transfer Grid - Comfoduct


Sound-damping transfer grill with galvanised metal casing and plastic links, suitable for transferring a maximum of 30 m³/h through a wall of a thickness between 4″ and 9.5″. The Comfoduct Standard can be fitted with the same covers that are used for the Zehnder register boxes CLD.