Energy Recovery Ventilator

ERV InstallHaving an energy recovery ventilator allows the presence of high-quality indoor air, which comes with several benefits. Energy recovery ventilators provide you with a cleaner and more comfortable environment because it lessens your exposure to harmful substances. That’s why it’s important to be practical and smart when choosing components for your HVAC system, including the energy recovery ventilator.

What Is an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

An energy recovery ventilator is an HVAC system component that improves indoor air quality by capturing air exhausted from rooms and using its energy to power the system, consuming less energy. The energy recovery ventilator allows the whole system to provide ventilation throughout your home or commercial space in an eco-friendly manner.

The Benefits of Using an Energy Recovery Ventilator

  • An energy recovery ventilator improves indoor air quality.

Nowadays, you can rarely find a place where you can breathe in clean, fresh air. This is why most people prefer to stay inside. However, there’s no guarantee that your indoor air is any better than the air outside. A poorly ventilated building can become home to a buildup of nasty substances, such as mildew and mold. Dust, dander, and other allergens may also accumulate, which might cause you to experience eye irritation and respiratory problems. All of these may lead to long-term health issues.

Instead of opening windows, consider installing an energy recovery ventilator. Energy recovery ventilators continuously work to circulate energy throughout the rooms, exchanges stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air, as well as filters out airborne irritants and pollutants.

  • An energy recovery ventilator promotes energy efficiency and lessens utility costs.

What makes energy recovery ventilators stand out from other ventilation units is its ability to recapture heat and energy. From the name itself, an energy recovery ventilator “recovers” air that circulated in your house and uses its energy to keep the system running, drawing fresh air from outside. Recovery ventilators reduce the load and energy consumption of your HVAC ventilation. Fewer loads mean a longer life for your ventilation unit, lower energy consumption, and a decrease in your utility bills.

Overall, you can enhance your indoor ventilation quality at home, office, school, or hospital while keeping energy consumption low with an energy recovery ventilator. This device also lets you maximize the capabilities of your HVAC system.

Choosing an Energy Recovery Ventilator

Looking for the best energy recovery ventilator? Take note of the following:

  • Effective Filters of an Energy Recovery Ventilator

When comparing energy recovery ventilator units, focus on filters. Good filters remove airborne particles before the air enters the room. When buying an energy recovery ventilator, look for one with filters that have high minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher the MERV, the finer the filtration. This is crucial if your family is prone to allergies, asthmas, and other respiration issues.

  • Cost of Ownership of an Energy Recovery Ventilator

Before you purchase an energy recovery ventilator, familiarize yourself with the cost of owning it. These include energy consumption and maintenance expense. When choosing an energy recovery ventilator, opt for one that uses energy-efficient ECM motors with electrical power from 0.0082 to 0.0118 Wh/cf. Meanwhile, it’s recommended you check your filters every 4–6 months and replace them every 6–12 months.

  • Energy Transfer Rate of an Energy Recovery Ventilator

One of the first things you must do when searching for a good energy recovery ventilator is to check out its energy transfer rate. When energy is exhausted from your home, an energy recovery ventilator utilizes a certain percentage of its heat to warm up or cool down the recovery energy. Interestingly, energy recovery ventilator models still differ when it comes to energy transfer rate, so always check the specifications sheet for this vital information.

Improve Indoor Air and Save Energy Using an Energy Recovery Ventilator

For a healthier indoor living, opt for high-quality ventilation solutions such as an energy recovery ventilator. By using the advanced technology of an energy recovery ventilator, you can have clean, fresh air regulated in your home while energy is used efficiently. To learn more about the benefits of an energy recovery ventilator and indoor air quality, visit this link:

Zehnder America: High-Efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilators

Zehnder America is a provider of recovery ventilation solutions. Recovery ventilators is a division of the Zehnder Group, a global company in Switzerland that specializes in heating, cooling, and energy ventilation technology. Zehnder America aims to continually fulfill its promise of helping you improve the quality of indoor energy ventilation through innovative products and recovery ventilators.

Indoor Air Health Hazards Awareness – Energy Recovery Ventilator 

Today, some buildings are purposely designed to tower over the rest and to be compressed to save space. Recovery ventilators address some problems caused by population density, but unfortunately, it also leads to reduced indoor circulation. Studies have shown that poorly ventilated buildings can have up to five times more pollutants than the outdoors.

Insufficient energy and heating ventilation results in more than just stuffy and discomfort. Poor quality indoor air is the perfect breeding ground for harmful microorganisms, such as dust mites. Constant exposure to these contaminants may lead to health conditions, such as allergies and skin rashes, and even to more serious illnesses like chronic respiratory complications.

Research has also shown a link between exposure to unhealthy air and emotional and cognitive issues, such as:

  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Mental Fogginess
  • Mood Changes
  • Depression

Fortunately, you can avoid the risk of suffering from all these illnesses. Through a consistent effort to the quality of life, energy ventilation and temperature management systems are now available.

Zehnder America: Energy Recovery Ventilators

Zehnder America offers heat and recovery ventilators, energy distribution systems, and geothermal heat exchanges. Recovery ventilators acknowledge that the state of indoor air is a silent yet serious factor in your overall health and well-being. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cited poor-quality indoor air as among the top health risks. Fortunately, the advancements in technology have paved the way for innovations that help mitigate these perils. Zehnder America’s products allow you to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment and avoid health threats caused by airborne particles.

Through products like Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems, Zehnder America aims to help you get rid of pollutants. These technologies foster consistent circulation efficiency. They feature an efficient mechanism for ensuring that you have optimal indoor air.

Energy Recovery Ventilators for Comfortable Indoors

Zehnder America’s Comfosystems features geothermal heat exchange, HRV, ERV, and air distribution units. Recovery ventilators aid the result of a continuous pursuit to keep fresh air in houses and establishments with windows that often have to remain closed for a variety of reasons, such as to keep noise and dust particles out.

Comfosystems is carefully engineered to ensure that you always have enough fresh, clean air indoors in the microclimate that you prefer, all year round. HRV and ERV expel existing indoor air and draw fresh air into your indoor space. Recovery ventilators will act as a spinning wheel to facilitate indoor-outdoor energy exchange.

You can choose to have a geothermal heat exchanger that warms up the fresh air using 90% of the energy extracted from the stale air that’s about to go out of the vent. This paves the way for an unceasing stream of fresh air while maintaining energy efficiency.

The air distribution unit ensures that every room gets fresh air. Users have the option to adjust the air volume delivered to each room.

For homeowners, Zehnder America’s Comfosystems is an investment that pays off. Recovery ventilators will help maintain or even boost the value of your home because it protects the interiors of your house from mildew formation caused by lack of ventilation. Recovery ventilators also prevent moisture damage, which could lead to costly repairs.

But, Comfosystems is not just for residential use. Recovery ventilators are also great for hospitals, schools, and offices, as it maintains quality indoor air that’s vital for overall health, cognitive function, and productivity. Contact us today.

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