Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day

November 30 is Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day. This day is the opposite of sick days—enjoy health and wellness instead of only staying at home because you’re physically suffering. For many people, an occasional day at home relaxing can have benefits for mental and physical health, especially if your home has good air quality. Many psychiatrists and doctors see the benefits of staying home without being sick. An occasional “mental health day” allows you to process stress and

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Conversion Calculators

If you need to convert measurement units, use one of these handy calculators to make it easy. Length From: To: meter [m]centimeter [cm]millimeter [mm]yard [yd]foot [ft]inch [in] meter [m]centimeter [cm]millimeter [mm]yard [yd]foot [ft]inch [in] Result: Weight From: To: kilogram [kg]gram [g]pound [lb]ounce [oz] kilogram [kg]gram [g]pound [lb]ounce [oz] Result: Temperature From: To: kelvin [K]degree Celsius [°C]degree Fahrenheit [°F] kelvin [K]degree Celsius [°C]degree Fahrenheit [°F] Result: Flow From: To: cubic foot/minute [ft^3/min]cubic foot/second [ft^3/s]cubic meter/second [m^3/s]cubic meter/hour [m^3/h]cubic meter/minutecubic centimeter/hourcubic centimeter/minutecubic centimeter/second cubic foot/minute [ft^3/min]cubic foot/second [ft^3/s]cubic meter/second [m^3/s]cubic meter/hour [m^3/h]cubic meter/minutecubic centimeter/hourcubic centimeter/minutecubic centimeter/second Result: Calculators provided by UnitConversion.org – the ultimate unit conversion resource.


Overcoming Shortfalls of Natural Ventilation by Using Mechanical Ventilation

A well-ventilated home or building is important for the health and comfort of those who live in them, as well as longevity of the structure itself. While natural ventilation is an option, it presents some challenges that mechanical ventilation systems are able to avoid. When considering your home or building’s ventilation system and possibilities for improvement, be sure to take into account the shortfalls of natural ventilation. Issues with Airflow A notable shortfall of natural ventilation is the difficulty in controlling the building’s airflow. A

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Another Reason to Get an Energy Audit this Summer: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Does your air conditioner kick into high gear in the summer? Is all that cool air staying inside or is it leaking out and pulling hot outdoor air in? A summer home energy audit is an excellent way to stay comfortable and identify issues with home energy efficiency. An energy audit is also an opportunity to boost indoor air quality since home energy performance and home air health are closely linked. Let’s explore some common home performance issues, the impact on

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3 Cool Products I Saw at the Passive House Conference in NYC

Originally Posted Here Last month I attended the conference of the North American Passive House Network in New York City. They had a really nice trade show, and I got to spend some time talking to the vendors. It’s always nice to see what’s going at these events because I’m starting to come around to Joe Lstiburek’s way of thinking. At the 2013 Building Science Summer Camp, he said, “Passive House is the only place where real innovation is happening.” Here are the three products

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WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard addresses occupant behaviors, building design, and operations within the building with great consideration to the health and well being of occupants. WELL is a system that was developed to measure, monitor, and certify features of the built environment that impact occupants. WELL standards were developed by studying the connection between different building elements and behavioral factors and the health and wellness of occupants. WELL Building Factors There are seven main factors that are measured and reviewed when evaluating buildings and

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Deep Energy Retrofits Made Affordable with California’s PACE Program

Most older homes in the United States lack adequate insulation and air sealing, according to ENERGY STAR. Air leaks drive up utility bills and can cause discomfort from drafts and uneven temperatures. With rising energy costs, many California homeowners are air sealing and insulating their homes to keep heating and cooling costs down. Property assessed clean energy (PACE) is a means of finance energy-saving home improvement projects in California through property tax bills, making it affordable to many homeowners. Air sealing a home

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Proud Green Home in Wildwood, Missouri

Originally posted on motherearthliving.com here The lower Midwest is known for its hot humid summers and frigid cold winters. New homes need both a heating and cooling strategy in this climate. In the summer, it’s common to have one or two areas in a house be uncomfortably warm, requiring the air conditioning system to be boosted to promote comfort. In leaky older homes, air infiltrates through cracks in the building envelope, making it difficult to control the purity of indoor air

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Zehnder Interview Series: Larry Ponziano, Technical Sales Representative

Interviewer: Could you introduce yourself?   Larry Ponziano: I’m Larry Ponziano, Technical Sales Representative at Zehnder America. My background for the previous 25 years has been residential construction as a general contractor and I also hold an HVAC license. I have designed and built over 300 homes. In the last 5 years, we have begun building super-insulated homes with ultra-efficient HVAC systems. I have built and live in a Net Zero home for one year now, utility bill free. Interviewer: How did you

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How to Find Allergy Relief During the Spring

Common Seasonal Allergy Triggers In most areas of the United States, seasonal allergy sufferers are in the midst of an ongoing battle with allergy triggers right now. “Allergy season” generally runs from February through early summer, though it may vary slightly depending on how mild or severe the winter is and when plants begin to pollinate. Certain plants that bloom in the fall and summer, such as ragweed and grass, may also trigger seasonal allergy symptoms. Seasonal Allergy Triggers While specific allergy triggers

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