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Comfortable indoor ventilation from Zehnder with heat and energy recovery for an energy-efficient and healthy indoor climate.

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Let us provide complimentary design and quote service. Let us provide complimentary design and quote service.

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This process assures that the installation meets the design criteria used to maximize comfort, efficiency, proper ventilation, and operation.

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Learn more about our Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV).

How the Zehnder Home Ventilation System Works


Poor indoor air quality can lead to a rise in asthma and allergic symptoms due to the increased concentration of allergens such as dust mites, VOCs, pollen and mold.


Good air quality through continuous extraction of moist, stale air from bathrooms and kitchens and a continuous supply of clean, tempered air to habitable rooms. Low velocity air supply ensures that fresh, clean air does not create drafts around the home.

Energy Efficiency

Zehnder Comfosystems products use recovered and renewable energy sources. Whole house heat recovery ventilation technology can recover up to 90% of the heat and contribute to an energy savings of up to 50%.

Zehnder Learning Center

Zehnder Academy icon In the Zehnder Academy, we share information and resources to better understand the role of heat and energy recovery ventilators in high efficiency buildings.

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What Our Customers Say...


“The airtight home could not have been built without the Zehnder ComfoAir 350 HRV with Geothermal ┬áHeat Exchanger. I couldn’t be happier in the investment and the comfort level is off the charts. Because the combined system recovers about 99% of the room heat, it’s always comfortable inside with all rooms consistently remaining close to room temperature. There aren’t drafts of cold outside air found in leaky homes. I’ve noticed a huge savings in the heating bill.”

Larry Ponziano, Homeowner, Innovative Homes N.W., Cedar Lake, IN.

“We selected the Paul by Zehnder for this 1st Internationally certified Passive House Project in Canada because of its outstanding quality, highest efficiency and ease of operation as the market leader in North America. Zehnder was extremely helpful with planning and implementing the system also ensuring that it works as intended.”

Alexander Maurer, Managing Director, Marken Projects, Vancouver, BC

“With Zehnder, I was provided everything I need from the unit to the tubing to the accessories for a smooth installation of the system. It’s a good feeling when you order a product that performs as well as advertised.”

Danny Barnhart, Homeowner, Bellvue, CO